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Short Cut


For hair that doesn’t exceed the shoulders. This includes fades, pixies, and bobs.

Standard Cut


For hair that exceeds the shoulders.

Long/Dense Cut


For hair that needs debulking.

Pricing: Products


Hourly Color

Color is $90/hr

2 Hours


For all over color (roots to ends) without lightening or foils.

3 Hours


For partial highlights/balayage or base lightening on roots that have less than 1 inch of regrowth.

4 Hours


For full highlights/balayage or fantasy color refresh.

5 Hours


For full highlights, base color, extensive color melt and/or shadow root. Also for base lightening for roots that have more than 1 inch of regrowth.

6 Hours


Full color corrections that require multiple processes.

In person/ Virtual Consultation


If you aren’t sure what to book, let’s set up a consultation to get to your goal!

Pricing: Products
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